Does remembering the past make you sad, or thinking of the future make you fearful?

I’ve committed to reading the Bible  through in one  year.  Five  years.  Ten years. Any of you other slackers out there want to get on board with me?

Truth is, I’ve not committed to read the Bible in ANY particular length of time, though I AM following a “Read the Bible in One Year” You Version plan.

But here’s the deal, I don’t want to rush through it.  If it was simply me reading a “history” book, oh, I’d rush through, like a speed reader.  But, instead, I sit down to read, and ask the God of all creation to speak into my life, and sometimes He does that with one sentence.

Yesterday, for instance.  My birthday.  My birthday’s seem to be times of great reflection for me, perhaps they are for you too. (Not my birthday, but your own of course. Ha)

for my days disappear like smoke

Psalm 102:3

Yesterday, that was the sentence that stopped me in my tracks.

It’s truth.  And a truth that this middle age mama with two of my three kids out of the house recognizes now more than ever.

Where do the days go?  They disappear like SMOKE for crying out loud….and it could make me cry out loud if I don’t regularly attempt to  keep my head on straight by not dwelling on the past.  Yesterday is written, and I’m thankful I lived it…the good, bad and the ugly.

I can also get equally as sideways if I let my mind dwell on the “what if’s” of the future.  It’s no good to “dwell” there either.

Not that I can’t remember the past, or think of the future at all…but if either of those start to get me in a funk, I need to reel in my thoughts and live for today. ‘Cause the reality is, friends, the past is the past, and we really have no idea what the future holds, and if I’m dwelling on the future, or on the past, then guess what I miss?  I miss TODAY!!  I miss the one thing that I have.  THIS MOMENT in time.

Truth is, there is a God who knows every hair on your head.  Who’s thoughts of you outnumber the grains of sand.  Who loves you deeply.  Who has promised to never leave you or forsake you.  And we know that HE will give us our “manna”, or what we need, for the day just when we need it.  Of course the thoughts of the future can scare the crud out of us, cause God’s not provided us the manna we need for that day yet.

He’s given us what we need for this day…now let’s live it.


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