Grades Aren’t Everything…

school-sign-green-lgYesterday was school registration day.  It’s almost time to leave behind the carefree days of summer, and launch the kids back into the discipline of a scheduled life.

The rush of the mornings.  Packing lunches.  Homework.  Not all negative, just all stuff that goes along with the privilege of getting to go to school.

As I walked into the Junior High to register Joshua, I was reminded of  a life lesson that happened when our oldest son, Will, was in that same school… 

It was parent teacher conferences, and I had shown up to discuss Will’s less than stellar grades.  Denny and I had been REALLY frustrated by his grades for some time. Regardless of what “discipline”,  “encouragement”, or “tutoring” we gave him, it didn’t seem to change things.

So, I was showing up to see what his teachers had to say about him, find out what his behavior  was like at school, and to gain insight.

I walked in the doors with an attitude of being half honked at Will, and expressed that frustration to the oh so wise school secretary, Paula.

I can’t recall exactly what I said to her.  Could’ve been something like, “I’m gonna kick that boy’s butt if he doesn’t get his grades up.”  Whatever I said, Paula noticed my frustration and very politely replied,

Grades aren’t everything.  I’d give anything to have a whole school FULL of  “Will Milbourns”.

Thanks for the gentle smack upside the head Paula.

She’s right.  Grades aren’t everything.  How’s his character? Is that not more important?

I had walked into the school extremely frustrated with Will, and I walked out of the school extremely proud of Will.  What a compliment given by Paula to attest to his character.

I just felt that might be a good reminder for some of us as we launch into this school year.  Yes, we need to do our best, but grades aren’t the only measure of a child…


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