He Hears Us…A personal Jesus story

I’m not sure why I was so thankful.  I don’t know what “triggered” the outpouring of gratitude.  In fact, most of the time I take simple, every day things for granted…I think most of us do.

But for whatever reason, that particular week I was extremely thankful for my home/house.  I couldn’t help it.  It was kind of weird, actually.  Every day, for a solid week, I had walked through my house, and as I would walk through it, I would have an overwhelming sense of gratitude for it.

“Thank you for our home, Jesus”

I would say, literally in tears, as I walked through the living room.  Not uttering the words out loud, but just between HE and I.

It wasn’t a “materialistic” thing, it was literally an “I realize I could be living in a mud hut, or on the street, but instead, by the grace of God, I have a roof over my head” kind of thing.

Literally every day that week, I thanked Him for our home/house.

I remember at the end of that week, laying down in bed with our youngest son, Joshua, who was just four at the time, in an attempt to get him to unwind.  I can still vividly remember Josh laying there, thumb in his mouth (he sucked his thumb for FOREVER) eyes closed,  about to fall asleep, when very nonchalantly, he pulled his thumb out of his mouth, looked at me, and said,

“Mom…Jesus  told me  to  tell  you that  you love your house”

Astonished by his words, “what did you say?” I asked.

“Jesus told me to tell you that you love your house”

Tears overflowed.

How could they not?

All week long I had been thanking Jesus for our home.  No one else knew it, it was just a silent, private conversation between He and I.

Can he speak through a 4 year old?  Well, if he can speak through a donkey, I’m pretty sure he can speak through a 4 year old.

Remember the wonders he has performed, his miracles and the rulings he has made.  1 Chronicles 16:12


So, I’m remembering.  And sharing.


We serve a God who is alive and active, and wants a personal relationship with each one of us.






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