Sometimes He Loves on Us in Unexpected Ways…

What I really wanted was a shake.   We had been working out in 90 degree heat all day, and I wanted something SUPER cold to cool me off.

It sounded SO refreshing, but about 8 weeks prior, I had gone on a strict diet.  Not just because I was heavier than I wanted to be, but because I had become a glutton. Seriously.  It seemed like I ate all of the time.  Recognizing this, I decided to bring some discipline to my eating habits.

So for three weeks, the only sugar or carbs I ate came from fresh fruit.  For the following three weeks after that the only additional sugar I had came from what was in condiments…ketchup, BBQ sauce, and such.

So there I stood, exhausted, overheated, really desiring a shake, but I stepped up to the counter and simply ordered a cold drink instead.

But God knows my thoughts….

I’m an open book to you;
    even from a distance, you know what I’m thinking.  Psalm 139:2 

Just as Denny and I were stepping away from the counter, one of the employees hollered at us,

“I have a large chocolate shake, it’s yours if you want it.”

We turned around, and she was talking to us.

I was so excited that I wanted to jump up and down like a little kid.

Deep down I felt the presence of God…that this wasn’t just any ordinary shake, but it was a shake from a God who knows my every thought.  A God who knew I had disciplined my eating to honor Him.  A God who knew how hot and tired I was and how refreshing a cold shake sounded to me.

“You can have it.  For free”, she said.

Who am I to pass up a gift from God? 

Denny and I shared the shake, and oh it was so good.

Psalm 105:4 in the Message says “Keep your eyes open for God…”

Do you look for God in your daily life?

Where have you seen Him lately?

Keep your eyes open for God, watch for his works;
    be alert for signs of his presence. Psalm 105:4

Sometimes He loves on us in unexpected ways.

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